Meet the Pastor

The Reverend Dr. Felicisimo Cao

Pastor Fel has been re-appointed at Faith UMC for the conference year 2022-2023. His appointment is for a two-point charge as a resident pastor with multi-cultural setting of ministry while participating in a year long cohort of Church Planting Academy being offered by the Office of Congregational Development of the California Nevada Conference of the UMC.

He serves as Chair, Western Jurisdiction Inter-Ethnic Coordinating Committee which is responsible in leadership of the five major caucuses in the Western Jurisdiction of the UMC namely: Asian American Coordinating Committee, Committee on Native Americans, Black Methodists for Church Renewal, Pacific Islander National Caucus and MARCHA-Metodistas Asociados Representando la Causa Hispano Americano. 

Pastor Fel is engaged actively in innovative congregational vitalization,  in empowering and mobilizing young people, Leadership Development, Social Justice, Creating a culture of Anti-Racism, community development. He has done several rides of Century Mile/Century Metric Bike Riding. Also participated once in running a Half marathon and would train to do a full marathon. He loves hiking, playing basketball with young people,  playing Table Tennis. Faith UMC has a gym that the East Sacramento YMCA is renting. He has a small group at Faith UMC that loves to do trail Mountain Biking. One more passion he loves to tell people, he loves motorcycle riding,

Pastor’s Office Hours

Tuesday-Thursday at 9:00 am till 1:00 pm or 10:00 am till 2:00 pm